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Victor McGuire hand creates unique guitars in a small shop behind his house. He spends 60 to 80 hours on one guitar and can bring to life anything you can imagine. From an early age, Victor was developing skills that would bring him to working his dream job – building distinct guitars from scratch. His woodworking career began over 40 years ago, giving him plenty of knowledge to turn his love for guitars into something bigger and better. 

Victor has been building and assembling guitars for nearly 12 years now. His passion for music and these instruments really shows just in speaking to him, and he promises to create the guitar of your dreams. Not just one that looks good, but an instrument that will work best for you and your playing abilities. 

Aren’t sure what kind of guitar you want? Victor goes above and beyond to make sure you’re receiving something worth cherishing. Offering consultations, one-on-ones, and only the highest quality woods, metals, and strings, you are guaranteed to be happy with your purchase. 

Want to start designing your perfect guitar? Click here and fill out our form so Victor can get in contact with you about creating the newest piece to your collection.