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Each guitar Victor designs is treated like his first. The same amount of care and integrity goes into each guitar, including the neck, tuners, and body. Because of this, pricing varies depending on what you want in your guitar. For information on pricing, click here to receive your free quote on your dream guitar. 

Every guitar is created using the finest woods, and can be created using a book match style, or just a slab of wood. Victor seeks out the most unique and beautiful woods he can, creating gorgeous guitars like the ones seen below. 

If there is something in particular you have in mind, Victor can replicate and recreate it to fit your hands and playing style. After the guitar is created with you in mind, he finishes the product by binding it all the way around the base and the neck and then hand rubs the wood in an oil finish, creating an antique look. 

Each guitar is also completed with a silver cast Blind Armadillo Guitars logo hand crafted to fit snug in the guitar.